Aloe Vera

A plant that regenerates and hydrates scalp tissue. It penetrates three  layers of skin and expels  bacteria. It is also effective at combating  fungal growth which can lead to  dandruff and other scalp problems. It  stimulates the follicles and invigorates  the hair, restoring the health  and lively appearance of your hair.


Known to stimulate hair growth. Has astringent, antiseptic, and  stimulative properties, which lead to  the slowing of hair loss and the  growth of new hair. In some cases, rosemary  has been shown to slow the graying of hair as aging progresses.


No more dull and brittle hair! Ginger is known to strengthen hair at the roots and the follicle. It also aids shine.

Green Tea

Is rich in antioxidants and caffeine, improve hair growth and preventing hair loss, regenerate it and make it shiny.

Added ingredients

Also  contains vitamin E, and essential oils  such as Jojoba and Sapuyulo,  derived from plants native to Central and South America.